Why join our chamber?

  • Your business, name, address, telephone number, web page address and email address will be included in all packages of information that are mailed by the chamber to people inquiring about our area. Most inquiries are about vacation accommodations or relocations.
  • Your business name, address, telephone number, web site and email address will be included on our Greers Ferry Area Chamber of Commerce Web page www.greersferry.com under the appropriate business heading.
  • If you have a web site, the Chamber will link to it, free of charge. We supply email and web site links for chamber members at no additional charge. Advertise on www.greersferry.com at a low additional cost.
  • You will have access to the names and addresses of all the email, telephone and U.S. mail inquires that are made to the chamber in response to chamber advertising.
  • You can display brochures or flyers in the Chamber’s display rack in the lobby at the chamber office.

Types of Membership

Corporate $275 – Corporate membership covers the various utility companies, banks and offices of large corporations that serve or have an economic interest and/or employees living in Greers Ferry area. A representative, duly appointed by the member corporation, will have all voting rights.

Small Business $125 – Small business memberships cover all business and Associations not described below. All voting rights.

Associate $75 – Associate membership covers the non-business owners in Greers Ferry Area who wish to support the community through involvement in the Chamber’s activities. All voting rights.

Membership Application

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